Midi controlling Bias Amp 2

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    It seems you can control hardly anything via midi in Bias Amp 2. Am I missing something? In Reaper I only get 8 parameters I can control (Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Master, Bypass and Wet) No Preset switching? No turning on gate or reverb, no input/output volume? Not to mention everything under the hood? This thing should have hundreds of parameters controllable by midi. Is that so hard to program? What the dickens. Also, in the standalone version there is no option at all to control anything via midi. In the audio settings menu there is nothing. Is it me?

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    Inside reaper, use LBX Stripper or SWS Live (especially with the mSchnell mods) to control ALL the minutiae. I have a lot about that on my website, and brian dress here on the forum can tell you quite a bit. A lot of this was done on bias and bias fx

    For standalone, Gig Performer is pretty awesome for control

  • Hey Pipelineaudio,
    thanks for the tips! I tried LBX Stripper but still can´t get any more parameters than the aforementioned eight. I couldn´t find the mSchnell mod though, does that change anything? I skipped through the SWS Live manual but at the moment I don´t have the time to check out something that complex. I have to look at Gig Performer and I´ll check out your website. Can I control more stuff through Bias FX? Preset switching, different amps etc.? I don´t want to spend more money though, just to get midi controls. Also I feel that having to work around the lack of midi controlability of Bias Amp out of the box is ridiculous. Look at S-Gear for instance. Every friggin parameter of the program can be controlled via midi. That´s the way it should be! ESPECIALLY with amp modeling software, which is basically a VSTi. It feels almost like a scam. Big bummer, since I like how it sounds.