Update won't download....

  • Hi, currently running BIAS FX Desktop on Mac Mojave. I haven't used the app for a while so I'm way back on Trying to update as normal through the update feature in the app. It loads the download page in safari but nothing downloads and there is nothing to manually click. I'm assuming it should auto download when the page loads. Is there a manual download option anywhere?

    Thanks for any help

  • @dean-williams Hey dean - try going to the site and logging into your account and then go to the download page and see if the link is there after you log in and download manually - I'm on Mojave and in the past I always just go get the updates myself and never use the app. Good luck hope it works!

  • I had the same problem. My original BIAS FX is still working though.

  • @dean-williams I have the same issue. Initiating the download from Bias Amp brings me to a page that says to sign in, signing then brings me to an empty page that has a link to the FAQ, which has links to download products which bring me back to the empty page with the link to the FAQ.


    My user menu has a download page link that points to the same empty page.

    Why the apps can't include the tiny piece of code that allows it to download an update without opening a web browser is beyond me.

    This isn't rocket science, and I have coded plenty of applications which can update themselves when needed.

    Maybe I should apply for a job? ;)