How to use Focusrite Scarlett-Solo Gen2 with Bias FX?

  • I'm used to my very simple iRig as an interface for Bias FX.
    I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlett-Solo Gen2. How do I connect it to my MacBook so that I can, not only hear what Bias is doing, but also everything else on the computer through my studio monitors?
    In other words, all I hear through the monitors is Bias. Everything else, iTunes, Youtube, etc, only come out of the laptop speaker.

  • Hopefully you got it sorted by now, but if not, you need to set your Focusrite as the Audio Output device for OSX.
    You can do this from System Configuration -> Sound or by holding Option and clicking the speaker icon in the menu bar. You'll see a list of available output (and input) devices. Assuming your interface is connected and working correctly, you should be able to choose the Focusrite as the output.
    There are pictures here to explain it: