Constantly having to factory reset bias distortion pedal.

  • I’ve had my pedal for a year now. I had major shoulder surgery in that time so it really only has 7 months of light in home use. I’m using a onespot power supply suggested by Positive Grid and the silly adaptor but it keeps locking up on me when I try to switch from one preset to another. At this point I’m factory resetting it every other use. Is this happening to anyone else?

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    @thadengle Please write to us here, we will follow this up.

  • I am having similar issues with mine! Not that frequent, but still often enough to not use it live. Things like presets freezing, presets losing all signal (silent), sudden variations in volume, etc. Bias pedal app is saying the firmware is up to date.
    Did they solve your issues?

  • @nilspettersen the jury is still out on that. I’m waiting for a new adapter. I guess so bought it before they were sending the adapter with the unit so I may not have bought the correct one. The tech support where I purchased it got in touch with Positive Grid and they’re sending the adapter. Fingers crossed that this works. Did your adapter come with your unit or did you have to purchase a third party one on your own?

  • @thadengle Got the original adapter, but I use a phone charger to power the pedal because the adapter is way too long and wiggly to ever use on stage. To me, this feels like a software issue, but maybe you are lucky!

  • @nilspettersen I may be wrong about this, perhaps someone who knows for sure can chime in, but I think usb chargers are only 5 volts and the unit requires 9 volts. That could be your problem there. I agree about the adapter though, seems like that could have been a little more thought out. It’s only a matter of time before that thing gets broken off.

  • @thadengle Maybe you're right, but then again, the pedal should be able to run on computer USB, so I can't see the problem. I also contacted PG a while back to see if the micro USB input could handle 9V exactly for that reason, but they failed to give a proper answer on that.

  • @nilspettersen I’m sorry to hear that man. This is a cool pedal for sure but so far I’ve had a lot of issues with it. When my adapter gets here, I’ll let
    You know how it turns out.