BIAS FX: Unable to load presets from tonecloud containing locked components

  • Hi there,

    Until the very recent update of BIAS FX the way that unpurchased components from packs are treated changed very significantly: Before that a preset containing a locked component could be loaded (and used) but the locked component could not be activated. Now I am even unable to load a preset containing such a component. When I try to a dialog tells me that I need to purchase packs, and I either can continue to the shop or cancel loading of the preset.

    The problem: Many of my presets originate from the tonecloud, where you can try and download presets containing such locked components. I never cared to remove them as the presets would work anyway, but now they became unusable.

    The same applies to presets downloaded from tonecloud right now: You can go to tonecloud, search for presets try them on, download them just to find out that you cannot activate because they contain a locked component. Surely this is not intended that way?

    So is there any way to save my preset collection (without spending big bucks on all the packs)? Thanks for any help!

    Cheers, Oliver

  • @oliver-weise this is as it should be - that would have been nice I'm sure but obviously was never meant to be and now it must have been fixed if that was the case for you.