ToneCloud Wont Stay Logged In

  • I'm using Studio One Artist with the VST Plugin Support Add-on.

    When adding BIAS to a track, it requires me to log into ToneCloud, even if I've already logged in that session. If I select another track, even one that I previously logged in on, I have to sign in again. I've checked setting in my DAW, my firewall, and in BIAS, but haven't found anything that looks pertinent.

    Is this normal? It feels tedious, and I spend as much time signing in as I do actually using the plugin. It makes reamping more than one thing a serious pain. Id like to log in when I open Studio One for the first time, and stay logged in for the rest of the session.

    What's going on here?

  • @doug-gann It isn't normal behavior for me using Mixcraft, but I have had odd days when it keeps logging me out. Hopefully it is just a glitch and you will be able to use as normal soon.

  • @doug-gann yes not normal - this is a feature that seems a little much in some ways, I mean if I want to go to tonecloud and look for new presets I don't mind logging in - or if I install the software fresh I don't mind logging in 1 time only to activate the license (actually I don't like online registration of a license in any way but that's me...) But after that all license info and the fact that it is "me and mine" should be kept on my computer and ET should never have to phone home again for me to use my paid product license - cheers

  • So it's been about a month. The issues is still ongoing, and I haven't found a workaround, much less a solution.

    Should I now contact support?

  • Moderator

    @doug-gann Hi please go to Documents/BIAS_FX folder, and find the hidden file called ".license" file, please try to set the permission of this file to "Read Only" after logging in.