Setting up with a Midi controller in Ableton

  • I’m new to Bias Fx and just purchased the Pro version. My goal is to use this not only in production but as my live guitar sound as I use Ableton for my solo shows. I sort of figured out how to turn pedals on and off and change presets but I have a few questions. Controller is Morningstar MC6.

    1. I want my pedal to toggle effects on and off across various presets but they lose the mapping when I change presets. Is this not possible?

    2. Do I really have to configure all of this every time I open Bias in a new project(again the midi settings are gone) so how do I save them globally or something?

    3. The Wah is unusable as turning it on spikes my CPU and cracks loudly (it’s not my PC specs I have a powerful computer that can handle almost any audio task I throw at it) it does seem to be related to the throw of the pedal and the messages it sends

    So these are my main roadblocks right now. I know people use Bias live so I must be missing something. Thanks in advance!

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    On the MIDI CC question: I've created an official report and it will be fixed very soon. Let me check it again: Same behavior in the Standalone version right?
    Regarding the CPU spike from the wah pedal Can you let me know your OS system along with computer spec and write to us here?

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    @josh-elliott Quick update: MIDI CC# can be saved to the preset itself, so please don't forget to save the preset after assigning any MIDI CC# in BIAS FX. It should keep the mapping when you change preset or even restart BIAS FX.