Question re: Bias Pedal (Mobile) Integration with Bias FX (Mobile)

  • Hi - I have a simple question regarding the integration of Bias Pedal (Mobile) with Bias FX (Mobile). Just as a point of information regarding my setup, here are the current release versions for both:

    Bias Pedal:
    Bias FX:

    Question: How do I get Bias Pedal (Presets, Custom Ones that I designed, anything really) Pedals to display within the Bias FX - Effects List.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Open Bias FX
    Open the Effects List
    Click on the Bias Pedal Tab
    Expected Result: View all Pedals within Bias Pedal, within a given category, ie. distortion)
    Actual Result: Looks like I see only the ones that end up in the Custom Category within Bias Pedal, (but not 100% because there is one that show ups that is not in the custom category...UGH)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • The one that is not in the custom category maybe came in a BFX patch that you downloaded from Tonecloud. I have a fuzz for example, that appeared this way.

    For the list: I don’t know a quick way to have all Bias Pedal pedals in the BFX list. I think you must search in Pedal the pedal that you want and only when you press the BFX button then BFX opens and this pedal appears in the BFX list. To have all pedals I am afraid you must do the same individually. Maybe I am wrong.

  • @korkenknopfus Ok thanks. I guess an feature request would be to more fully integrate Bias Pedal into Bias FX.

    Testing out tones within Bias Pedal is ok, I like the sample samples they have, but...

    To really test things out you need to put the "Pedal on the board" within Bias FX and play with it there to see how it responds to compression before the pedal ie. gate->compressor-OVERDRiVE pedal from Bias Pedal-> Amp - Reverb.

    I gig weekly with a complete mobile setup Bias FX / Bias AMP 2 / Bias Pedal into a DI -> FRFR monitor -> FOH.... And love it!!!!