Amp matching using Kemper as source

  • Anyone try this, if so, please pass on advice. Should I use direct out from Kemper into my audio front end (6i6)?

    Thanks, trying to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

  • @madmarcus1960 Not sure what you are trying to achieve, but if there is a profile in the Kemper you like and want to import it into the BIAS program, then yes, follow the Amp matching instructions.

    I have not tried amp matching yet, since I get some great tones I like from the software, but at some point if I find something really different I like I will give it a shot.

    If the direct out front the kemper is the actual sound you want, then yes, give it a shot. I cannot recall how the Kemper works, but I believe you can have a direct tone to an amp without a cab sim ?

  • I've done numerous amp matches from my AxeFx to Bias; it is certainly viable and I'm sure the Kemper would be fun to do.

    I do this to take some of my AxeFx sounds on mobile. ;) It is pretty easy on the AxeFx because it is a sound card and it is even multi-channel so you can actually capture the dry track of the unaffected guitar as well as the processed output simultaneously. It is really cool and fast once you have it setup in your DAW.

    I don't think the KPA does USB audio, though. So, I would use the direct out to the sound card as you suggest. If it has a digital output like an SPDIF or something and your sound card supports it that would be even better as that is a more 'pure' signal because it would not go through as many DA->AD conversions or analog input preamps/buffers. You will want to either capture a dry track at the same time or record one after for Bias to use in the Amp Match.

    Once you get the methodology down, Amp Matching is pretty fun and easy. I need to get my AxeFx III hooked up. I have only done the II to date.

  • @elric Thanks man, I'll try porting it into my Scarlett 6i6. I can't just play straight into Bias 2 when it asks for a source? I need to record a .wav of some sort?

  • @madmarcus1960 Ya know, it's been long enough, I can't remember the exact DAW setup I had. If I get a chance maybe I will check out my DAW template and look at the AxeIII with the latest version of Bias Amp 2 this weekend.

  • Thanks, I work on weekends so I won't get to try this until Monday at the soonest.