Bias FX Import BA2 --- "You Must Upgrade...."

  • So I'm not getting any useful help from support, which is quite frustrating. Wondering if anyone else is having the same issue I'm having: Using BFX and importing amps from BA2. I can import all the amps that I have in BA2 into BFX. I can tweak with everything and it all works inside BFX and I can save the presets. When I go to launch the preset I get the message "You must upgrade Bias AMP 2 to use this feature. Buy the License?"

    I don't understand how I can import and "USE" the features of BA2 until I save it, but it won't allow me to open up the preset after I exit out after saving it.

    Oh and you know else is annoying? The pop up message doesn't tell you what you have to upgrade to. For instance I'm on BA2 LE but doesn't tell you which version of software you'd have to upgrade to, so theoretically one could upgrade to the standard version and still not be able to "use this feature" and receive the same pop up message.

    Anyway, I'm somewhat enjoying the software so far, but frustrated by the stock answers I get from support. Anyone else experiencing the same issue with the popup related to non use-ability of features pop after saving?

  • @thefonz

    "I'm on BA2 LE"

    Is that a Light Edition? if so it may have something to do with it - have you a full license for BA2 ? (not a limited use LE version)

    Not sure but I suspect that is the issue

  • @tafkad

    Thanks for the reply. At first I thought the LE might be the case. However, I heard back from support and they said they replicated my issue and that there is now an official bug report for it, to be worked by the R&D soon. Woohoo!

  • I'm experiencing the same situation. I'm a Bias AMP 2 LE user and I just purchased BIAS FX Standard. I can import my BIAS AMP 2 amps into BIAS FX, save my rig but can't open it up again. I get the same pop up message. I downloaded the latest version of the software but it seems like the problem hasn't been corrected so far. Anyone got any news regarding this issue?

  • @TheFonz and @dembski-martin
    I am also having this problem. Please let us know what the solution is if you find it!

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  • I saw the "Free Upgrade" from Bias Amp 1 to Bias Amp 2 in the App Store. I naively clicked 'upgrade' to find out I must now pay approximately 60.00$ for the same functionality of Bias Amp 1. Bias should have put a disclaimer on the upgrade button that Bis Amp 2 is neither free nor functional. There is a restore purchase button that has no conceivable use whatsoever. Bias thinks they are
    Microsoft -> LIARS!!!