• Hi guys. I propose amPlug type BIAS hardware.

    That is, "BiasPlug"

    How to use.

    1. Make Amp or preset with BIASFX or BIAS.
    2. Send the data to BiasPlug via Bluetooth.
    3. Connect the BiasPlug to the guitar. And play with headphones.


    • Standalone hardware.
    • Two amplifiers or presets can be saved.
    • The controls are Master volume, Amp gain, Master tone.
    • Rechargeable battery.

    VOX amPlug is a wonderful gear, but its variations are not enough. BiasPlug's sound variation is infinite.

    Just the best plug type hardware. I want BiasPlug.

  • @ooparts555 I doubt it would have enough dsp to pull it off. Why not use an iPhone?

  • I am guessing having a BiasPlug would be far more portable, as it plugs directly into the guitar and doesn't require a means to attach the iPhone, and it would also be open to non-iPhone users.