Getting poor sound quality using BIAS FX

  • I've had BIAS FX for a couple of months now and still can't seem to get a decent tone. Whether it's one I've made, or one I've downloaded from the cloud, they always seem to be very bass heavy, resulting in me needing to EQ out most of the bass in order to get a playable tone.

    My setup is Guitar > Focusrite Scarlett Solo > BIAS > Monitors.

    Is there a setting I've missed? I've got the sample rate set to 44100 Hz and all the other settings recommended on the PG website but I still can't seem to get it to sound as good as I've heard.

    I'm not expecting it to sound like my amp, but from what I've heard I should be able to get a solid tone.


  • @hollowcrown I also have the Focusrite Scarlett Solo and have no problems at all with the sound from Bias FX so I know the combination works well together. Things I would check if it was my system are:
    Make sure the monitors are connected to the Scarlett and not directly to your computer
    Check the computer isn't using a preset EQ setting that is boosting the bass
    Record something and play it back on a separate system to see if it still sounds bass heavy
    Compare the sound to good headphones plugged in to the Scarlett
    Compare guitar sound without Bias to sound with Bias in the chain but bypassed
    Compare the Standalone version to the plugin version

    You don't mention if you are using the Standalone version or if you are using a DAW with the plugin. I use a DAW

    Good Luck

  • I've tried all your solutions but I think the problem is my monitors. Again I've seen a lot of people use these and even have a friend with the same pair and they work great for him. I tried recording something and playing it back through my standard speakers and it sounded great.

    I'm guessing there's probably no way to fix this other than getting some new monitors!
    Which ones do you use out of curiosity?

    Thanks for your help as well btw!

  • @hollowcrown I'm glad you have figured out what the issue is. I don't use monitors as such. I mostly use Beyer Dynamic DT770 headphones to do everything (mostly because I do most of my music making really early in the morning) I do have a pair of Bose Companion II speakers that are connected to my PC that I use occasionally. Other than that I always listen to my music either via Airplay on a Boston Acoustics MC200 Air wireless speaker, on a Bose soundbar, or in my car. I am getting approx the same sound with each. The exception being the soundbar that tries to make the stereo signal into pseudo surround and it ends up cancelling out some frequencies.

  • @colin how do you like those dt770s? I’m thinking of upgrading my cans but not sure how expensive I wanna go. Does your interface drive the 770s well enough or do you need a headphone amp?

  • @brian-dress I really like the DT770s. I used to use AKG-K240s, but after about 15 years they finally decided to fail. I went to Guitar Center and listened to all of the headphones they had hooked up to test (20 or so different pairs) and I liked the DT770s by far the best. They seem far more natural sounding compared to most. I think most of the others boost the mid range or something. The DT770s are far more comfortable for wearing for a long time too. I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface that I run them through and I have no problem with them at all. I should mention that I have the 80ohm version not the 250ohm version. The only negative comments I have about them are trivial. One is that because I wear glasses they have a tendency to pull the glasses closer to my eyes when I put them on, so I have to adjust my glasses a little each time. The other is that the earpads always look dirty because of the color and nap of the fabric. As I said, trivial. I am really happy with my choice. I bought mine for $149 about a month ago and use them for at least a couple of hours every morning.