BIAS Delay and Modulation Pro pedals!

  • After receiving my Mini, I was so impressed that I found great deals on used/demo delay and mod pedals.
    I am very impressed with them. The sound quality is fantastic. I own a pair of Eventide H9s and these may not sound 100% as good, but close and far easier to find usable sounds without the aid of software or an i-Device.

    They should make a separate reverb pedal, or at least put a reverb on/off and mix control on the Mini.
    I have way to many really good drive pedals to bother with the distortion pedal, but I bet it rocks.

    Keep up the good work boys!

  • Moderator

    @madmarcus1960 I've shared your thoughts to our product team and we will conduct a review very soon.

  • A2

    Reverb is definitely one of the categories which isn't necessarily covered currently in pedal, as is harmonizer