Random "Popping" in Bias FX Pro

  • Has anyone else experienced random popping while using Bias FX? It just started a few days ago. I originally thought it was coming from my expression pedal as I noticed it first while using that, but it happens in any preset. I would say it pops randomly about 10 times in a 5 minute period. It doesn't happen at all if I am not using Bias FX so it can't be caused by something external to Bias FX. It will do it whether there is an input signal or not.

    Bias FX Pro 64 bit Release
    DSP Engine 1665

  • I just found a clue. It seems that if I use the Cry Wah effect, then it causes the popping if there are multiple notes played. Once this happens the random pops appear until I close down Bias FX and then reopen it with no Cry Wah. Even removing Cry Wah from a set-up or going to a preset with no Cry Wah doesn't fix the issue until closing out and reopening.

  • A2

    Last I checked, Bias FX does have some issues if a lot of midi info is generated along its automation lane, though I think in the actual CC lane its not so bad. Though for some functions, there is no choice but to go thru the automation rather than CC, so you do get some of the pops

  • Have you thought about your asio buffer length I had the same issue in fl studio and reset the buffer to 2048 and no more problems. Maxed out the master output every 2 min or so before i did this. Strange pop.

  • A2

    At that high of a latency he'd have a lot of trouble rocking the wah

  • I don't think it is a buffer problem, or midi, because it happens even if I don't use the wah but just have it in the chain, and the popping is pre-effect rather than the normal break up I get if I try and use too many resources. The popping will have all of the effects added to it, delay, reverb etc. so I don't think increasing the buffer will help. I may be wrong and will try increasing it as an experiment.