• I totally love bias. i own all the ipad and about half the desktop versions now.
    recently i wanted to build my ipad into a complete mobile rig. for the most part i have achieved what i wanted. i built my own arduino based midi controller and have even figured out how to save preset states to reflect the status of pedals upon recall. this all works marvelous.
    however the one issue i ran up against involved midi functions around volume and wah.
    while you can set the toggle states i find no control data for using an exp pedal into the ipad version. this seems ludicrous to add a variable pedal to the signal chain with no control.
    has anyone else found the means to send data to this pedal? i would appreciate any info if there is such out there.
    thanks ahead of time.

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    The wah seems to just take MIDI CC's...works fine from an expression pedal hooked to my IK Blueboard.

    That is pretty awesome that you rolled your own!

  • do you know the cc number its reading for wah?
    what i see in the config is only related to toggle on/off. i don't seem to find the ability to map the expr part of the effect.
    when i get a chance ill do a down an dirty video on the controller to show its function.

  • Yes, as noted you should be able to map anything to any controller you want:
    Load the preset.
    Click on say, the wah pedal in the signal chain to open it in the big editor window.
    Hold your finger on the big wah pedal that you can move up and down in the edit area.
    It will open a box that says 'Click to learn midi(cc#)
    Touch that and it will prompt you to move your controller
    Move your continuous controller

    ![alt text](0_1513635860289_IMG_0080.PNG image url)

  • Brilliant! You da man!
    Thanks very much!
    That makes all the difference on the world.

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    I'm pretty sure we all want to see pictures of the setup you made!

  • this weekend ill spend some time getting a video together on design and operation of my controller. then ill post a link for all. =)