Reaper volume issue w bias fx

  • A user from a different forum asked this.

    “Okay after monthe of procrastinating I finally downloaded Reaper....BUT....I am having a recording issue and am seeking some insight or helpful suggestions.

    • what I am hearing through my headphones ( plugged into monitor on my Focusrite) is what Bias FX is doing.
    • I have Bias FX selected in Reaper. I hit record and it sounds great.
    • I play back the recording and am getting the effects from Bias FX but only aboit 50% of rhe effect...not volume...the effect,

    For example. If i had it set to a really dirty distorted sound it will record as if I had dialed that down to about half of the effect...? Volume stays the same.

    I Have adjusted the sliders for input etc....tried different guitars...invented new swear words...

    It has to be user error, but thought I would ask the gurus here for some insight.



  • A2

    If the three bullets are how he said, either there's a routing thing going on in the interface (I cant remember if the scarlett stuff has a DSP mixer in it) or there is something goofy set in reaper's routing or perhaps the record setup. Can you get the reaper project file (*.rpp) from him? Just the RPP, no need for any of the media

  • @pipelineaudio thank you my man. I will check