packs question....

  • eventhough the demo sounds absolutely terrible, I am hopping if i pay money it will sound better. problem is I have NO INTEREST in blues, bass, rock, ect. I am a metal guy. it is all I play and nothing else. I also have more effects than the world has to even offer. All I need is the sim and the metal pack, not the effects. but it seems in order to get to the metal pack, you gotta have the sim, the effects, and the expansion. It's a little out of my extra to spend beyond my responsibilities plus save for an axe fx so I can guarantee a good sound can I get the sim and the metal pack only and not all the extras I will never use? I was thinking tone cloud, but i am guessing to use those, you MUST have the matching amps for it to work right? Also, I will have to pay for real Impulse responses as apparently the stock ones are no good? I could buy pro, which is my limit today, but that comes with packs I don't need or want. ideas?

  • Are you talking about Bias FX or Bias Amp?

  • @thadengle just bias amp. all i want is the software and the metal amp pack stuff. I do not need effects, blues packs, bass packs, acoustic packs, just trying to get a metal tone, that's it...nothing more. If there sint a way to do that I need to find an alternative somehow. i fired up my old pod farm thing, but it doesnt work with current pro tools which is what I have and after the money I spent on pro tools will not be switching daws....if line 6 wants to loose all that money, that's thier problem, I just need an amp sim that does metal.

  • As far as I’m can tell Bias amp standard should give you access to the metal amps. You’d need to go with Bias amp professional to get the IR loader.

  • @thadengle Ah, so to begin with the IR loader costs an extra 100, to get any of the packs you need the fx which is another 100, plus the cost of the packs and the IRS...on top of which i will assume the tone cloud is not free. so all and all, to get what I want, I have to buy everything I do not want in addition. so a minimum of like 500 by the time I am done (360 for the "pro/essentials" crap, 60 for the metal pack, the Irs are prob between 50-100, plus anything off tone cloud I MIGHT like ). Currently a used ax standard can be gotten for between 600-750, an ultra for 750-900, and an axe2 for 1200....all of which include everything this software has, plus more, plus hardware that at a minimum will be an interface, sound card, and dsp processor that doesn't tax any of my computers. is there any reason anyone can tell me that why this software is the better buy to accomplish what I want? other than saving a few bucks? and can it ACTUALLY sound as good as an ax fx? I see all these video of people swearing by it but from the demo I have, pod farm sounded better, and that is not a good thing. Even for 500 I can get a used 6505, or walk into guitar center ( eww ) and get something that makes a metal tone and just mic it ( i recorded for years and have the skills to do it right ). obviously I can buy all the parts seperately of this software over time, which is even more expensive. SO lets forget presets and ready made stuff...are ALL amps included in the 200 dollar version and I just have to take the time to manually find the tone? or is it geared for normal rock/blues players shunning the metal people? I am not trying to be a jerk, I just don't have extra money and would like to record my current songs ideas before they are forgotten or loose any of the magic of the writing process that happens when shelving projects. Why does the demo sound so bad? if they are in partnership with celestion, why don't they INCLUDE the good IR's??????????????????????????????????? They are charging you for it. Please help me understand why people are saying this is the route to go....

  • In you first message you say you need metal pack, but if I understand right, you have a lot of real pedals and you are happy with them. If it is so, I believe you don’t need a metal pack (or any pack), because this pack is an effects pack. So you actually don’t need Bias FX. In this case you could only have Bias Amp. You could have the Professional version if you want the amp match feature (it is good) and an IR loader or alternatively turn off the speaker emulation and have a free IR loader in your DAW chain after Bias Amp. Tonecloud is free and there you can find many amp presets that other users have set up. You download only the “configuration info” that BAmp reads.

  • @korkenknopfus NOW THERE is an answer. I didn't even think to run an impulse in my DAW as in insert. So that only leaves the packs include amps that dont come in biasamp2? if all amps are available and all they are is just presets then i am totally good to go and can live with 99 I good to go?

  • I don’t own the metal pack, so my answer is not 100% for sure, but, as this is an effects pack, it shouldn’t have new metal amps. Until I know, Bias Amp has only two amp packs: blues and bass, but not metal. An advanced version of Bias Amp has Celestion cabinets that for my taste sound very good and the amp match feature is good too (I haven’t made my own matches, but have downloaded from other users). If you want to go for the simpler version, try to find several demos, in YouTube maybe, so that you are personally convinced. Some people are never happy with emulations, for example. I was happy for two years with Bias Amp 1, before Bias Amp 2 came, and it didn’t have the new features. But I’m not a metal guy, and I know that the most cases don’t liking emulation tones are from metal musicians.

  • ChopTones

    and Metal away (BIAS Amp 1 or 2 required, but of course show up in BIAS FX after)

    and I would get BIAS FX Pro instead of Amp 2 (but Amp is required for ChopTones stuff) . . . or preferably both of them, unless you are really after the amp matching and tinkering that can be done in Amp 2, still both is the better option IMO

    Or there are many other options available, you could try Thermionik, far cheaper and a lot of people much prefer it to BIAS for Metal (well anything really) I own all of it, but don't prefer it myself, but it is good.


  • I only have Bias Amp 1 and only play metal and I’m good with it. I do use 2 Notes Wall of Sound for speaker sim within my DAW, Logic X, but have gotten totally usable sounds with just Bias. With all of the tweaking and EQing available you can turn a tweedish Fendery type thing into basically any hi class hi gain amp you want.

  • Also, if it were me, I would much prefer to have Amp1 Pro than Amp2 Pro(I have both) or Elite, you may be able to pick one up at places like KVR's 'Sell and Buy' subforum, there is actually one there now . . . CHEAP

    And a better deal for full account, contains BIAS Amp(1) Pro, BIAS FX Pro, BIAS Pedal Delay, Acoustic Expansion Pack and Pro Series EQ's for $90

  • I think BIAS Amp 2 is really really good. I really liked BA1 but BA2 is much better in my opinion. I mostly (this week at least) use an IR loader after it though. I don't like the cabs much, but the Celestions are superb.
    The Blues Pack in Bias Amp2 Pro gives the possibility to build really nice touch sensitive amps. I'm not interested in metal so I don't know, but I think they might give you too possibilities. Bias Amp is about making your own amps.
    The metal pack is for Bias FX. From your description, my bet is Amp 2 with IRs (within or after) is what would make you happy.