Bias Amp 2 Elite or Celestion Modern Vintage Pack?

  • I’m planning to purchase one of the two.
    Pros and cons?

    Any input would be great!

  • Totally depends on which speakers you like. Celestion have samples where they sell their IRs.
    And then you have the third choice of course, buying IRs from Positive Grid or from Celestion. That solution means using the mic placements chosen by Celestion and fiddling with loading files. Elite or Pack are easier to use but you can only use them within Bias.
    But main thing: which speakers do you like the best?

  • I’m not really that sure about which I like best, but I’ve read that the Celestion IR is superior to most others.
    And I do want to be able to move the mic placement within Bias Amp.
    I’ll have to go to YouTube and look for samples I guess.

  • The samples I refered to on the Celestion site are made with the same IRs as the Celestons in Elite and Modern Vintage. To me it’s the place to go to compare th speakers before choosing pack for Bias.
    An other thing: maybe you need Elite to buy the Modern pack? I don’t know.

  • I’ll definitely check that out!
    Thanks for your help!

  • For what is worth, I am incredibly happy with the Celestion Modern pack. Top notch.

  • @alderre
    Did you need to have the elite package in order to get it?
    Meaning, the Celestion pack that comes with the Elite Bias Amp 2?

  • @eph I believe you can buy it within either version