Simulated effects loop Bias FX

  • Hello,

    Is there an insert effects location on the amps in BIAS FX, much like an effects loop in a real amp? On Amplitube I can do this and would like to in BIAS FX but am unable to find anything like it.



  • @randy If you watch this video you can see a bit of a tutorial on how to adjust your signal chain, add fx, or swap fx out. Something that I don't think he covered is that you can also just click a pedal and drag it to the left or right to move it elsewhere in the signal chain.

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    I think he meant to say an "Amp Fx Loop" which would allow to insert pedals between the preamp and the power amp..
    As far as I know there is no such function in Bias FX

  • Placing pedals "post-amp" in the signal chain might actually do this.

    @Felix is there a way to place pedals in the Bias FX signal chain that would replicate placement as if it were in an amp's effects loop? Or are the pedals placed on the way into the amp, or on the way out of the actual cabinet?

  • You should be able to do it with two instances of Bias FX and if your audio interface has enough in/outs... First instance of Bias has all the Bias preFX and the amp block then send the output of that from the DAW's mixer to your outboard effects and then the second instance takes its input from the outputs of the external effects and places any BiasFx software based FX and then sends the final, fully effected signal to the main output.

    A little bit klunky but I think it would work...

  • Bottom line is you can't insert anything between preamp and power amp.

  • @danbieranowski I second this. I have some of the amps and effects being simulated. In particular a plexi amp (with an FX loop), and an MXR M134 chorus pedal (I'm pretty sure the "chorus" pedal is based on this). Placing the chorus pedal after the speaker cab in BIAS FX 2 sounds an awful lot like placing it in the effects loop; it sounds fuller and less compressed. With other pedals the effect is less noticeable.