• Where are the manuals for BIAS desktop products? I had need for them before, but I couldnt find anything then, but by now I've looked all over my computer, I googled for them, I've been searching on the website...
    For now the manual of BIAS Amp would do, I need to know the specs of the available settings. For example, on the standard pre-amp there are Lo/Mid/Hi knobs bottom left and right, but listening to them I hear lo-mid/mid/hi-mid and I just want to know what they actually are. I'm not satisfied anymore with lo/mid/hi, the only thing it tells me is that I dont exactly know how tired my hearing is. I need the specs, in the case of this example: Frequencies and Q-factors. And, of course, not only for these functions, but all other functions as well.

    Where can I find those?

  • @maarten-franken
    I’m wondering this as well.
    Right now I’m on YouTube looking for more info on what is going on with all of the controls.