• Where are the manuals for BIAS desktop products? I had need for them before, but I couldnt find anything then, but by now I've looked all over my computer, I googled for them, I've been searching on the website...
    For now the manual of BIAS Amp would do, I need to know the specs of the available settings. For example, on the standard pre-amp there are Lo/Mid/Hi knobs bottom left and right, but listening to them I hear lo-mid/mid/hi-mid and I just want to know what they actually are. I'm not satisfied anymore with lo/mid/hi, the only thing it tells me is that I dont exactly know how tired my hearing is. I need the specs, in the case of this example: Frequencies and Q-factors. And, of course, not only for these functions, but all other functions as well.

    Where can I find those?

  • @maarten-franken
    I’m wondering this as well.
    Right now I’m on YouTube looking for more info on what is going on with all of the controls.

  • A manual or how to videos would help. The ones on you tube are very imited

  • Moderator

    Hi guys, we're working on the Amp 2 manual now!

  • Hi everyone, it's a very good news!! Will there be also a manual for Bias Fx Pro?

  • A2

    THis is a great point...for instance, what do you get if you type in "Bias FX manual" in google? Not so great

  • I thought all this stuff was on the Support page:


  • A2

    There's a lot there, but I don't think the desktop BiasFX manual is among them

  • @mike - Yes, please. I have been waiting too long for these. Twisting the knobs has grown tiresome by now and still have problems understanding what are the interactions between all the settings available. Having some indication of what does what and how it affects other elements would be a great help. Looking forward to it.