Amp in FX but not in AMP2

  • I've got this amp I created in AMP2, that I used in a setup in FX, but I need to make some changes to it, but looking in AMP2, this amp is not there.
    How do I get to see all my amps from FX to show up in AMP2?

  • That was my issue as well, i do not understand why Bias FX cannot be put all into the BIAS Amp2.

    I created some amps in Bias FX, but in Bias Amp2, it would seem it is limited as to what you have. Not sure why why the 2 software cannot be as 1, that way when you create as you mentioned Maarten, this issue would not happen.

    I think some tweaking needs to be done with the apps, there are some amps in bias fx, and different amps in bias amp2, and you cannot import or see them.

    I like Bias FX, but want the amps from Bias Amp2 in there, and what I create I can take on the road, but I keep hearing that is not going to happen, so they say, but have not heard this from PG.

    or put Bias FX into Bias Amp2 or have them merge.

    Anyway, did you find out what happened, is it working or same issue still ?

    Maybe we are doing something wrong ?

  • All my custom amps from B2 show up in BFX. They can be easy to miss in the (potentially) massive grid of the section. The amp thumb and name of B2 gives more name space, and needs to be in BFX. (My titles exceed the B2 format, but enough shows to figure out most of the different types of patches I create.)

    Unfortunately, you can't import amps from BFX to B2. One-way. The eq is easy to reset, but re-doing the cab section is a hassle, if not a pain.