Bias FX and Bias Head

  • Hi everyone. My name is Nic and I am a proud Positive Grid user and guitarist in @oculustheband on Instagram. I would love to see my recording capabilities in my life rig. If Bias Head got another update where Bias FX (if purchased) could be integrated and used in harmony. The idea of using a single midi switch and having both Bias Amp and Bias FX software running out of Bias Head would be amazing!

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    My mission over the last year has been bringing the studio to the stage, glad to see you are on the same ride

  • Yeah a nice simple live rig with midi interface to do it all would be awsome.

    I have the same peddle, XT live, and it sounds pretty decent, and also have the FCb1010.

    What about the voodoo Lab ground control Pro ?

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    That one allegedly would also be easy to convert to battery power, wireless midi could be done thru Panda or the Yamaha and WIDIBud

  • I guess out of all of them, the Behringer seems to have what we need.

    The ground control looks nice, but needs additional expression pedals.

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    If you poke around on my totally broken site, I have a lot of info about making a wireless, battery powered behringer, and lots of software to completely control, instantly, seamlessly switch, and even utilities for this, especially if the bias stuff is used as a VST