Noob question

  • hi

    i'm totally new to audio interfaces, modelling software, etc.

    i bought bias fx after trying amplitude4 and guitar rig5 demo versions. i use a behringer umc22 audio interface. the 2 free demo versions worked fine. with bias fx, though, i only get this high pitched tone and nothing else. i went to audio settings, set device type to asio like i did with the other 2 programs but here nothing happens.

    i can get a guitar signal and sound when i switch device type to direct sound but then buffer size is horrendous and i have bad latency (input/output lag?).

    what am i doing wrong?

    thanks in advance for any help.

    edit: i'm using windows 10, if that helps troubleshooting

  • A2

    Are you using the standalone or the vst?
    The UMC22 doesn't have an actual ASIO driver right? It uses ASIO4ALL?
    If you are trying it in standalone, try the same three programs in vst and see what happens.

  • thx for the response. i could sort things out through trial and error. i did change some settings in the asio interface and now everything is peachy. no idea what it all means but hey, it works.