Bias FX - No Sound

  • Running Bias FX through iRig Pro IO, receiving absolutely no sound. Demo version should still give me something right? Thoughts?

    Have downloaded the third party driver ASIO4ALL V2 and still no luck. Windows 8.


  • A2

    Do you see input? Are you trying to run the standalone? Can you get sound through your setup without bias thru any daw?

  • the only thing i get though input is that it does not share a common sample rate. not sure if there is an easy fix i am missing

  • A2

    See what happens if you load up a DAW, use ASIO4All as the driver choice in the DAW, 44.1khz.

    Arm a channel - check to see that you can see your guitar input on the meters

    Turn monitoring on for that channel and see if signal is getting out to the master

    Check to see that the Master signal is reaching the speakers or whatever you are listening to