Cant`t use any other sound device simultniously with biasamp 2

  • Hi, I use biasamp 2 on my pc (Windows 10) and Play via a Behringer UMC 204. I use the Behringer Drivers. Now if I want to use guitar pro or whatever Sound at the same time it does not work, the Sound will not start / guitar pro crashes. But biasmp stays stable. why is that, can somebody help me ? with the same stiings it worked with guitar rig 5. Thank you

  • A2

    Windows audio has some serious issues with multiple devices. If you aren't using ASIO drivers sometimes you can get away with more. VB Voicemeeter can allow you to use more sometimes, running under WDM or WASAPI will sometimes work.

    I'll see if I can get the 204 I was using for testing back and see how it works with multiclient

  • @pipelineaudio thank you. I tried to Chose any other asio Driver like the multiclient but then biasamp has no amp Sound anymore / does not work with any other Driver but the UMC one from behringer

  • A2

    On my MOTU's you can set WDM/WASAPI/DirectSound whatever as the windows system audio, and then tell Guitar Pro to use that for output, while I run REAPER in ASIO at the same time. You might be able to do similar with the Behringer ASIO drivers, but I'm not sure. Will it work for you when Bias is a VST instead of standalone?

  • welcome to the world of ASIO. So good, yet such a pain in the @ss. I have use two solutions to this issue.

    1. I have used a behringer 404hd for ASIO needs. This is for DAW or cpu intensive stuff like Bias - these go to my monitors. guitar pro, mp3 playing etc I route through the motherboard audio and have a second pair of speakers (cheapy computer ones)

    2. I run two ASIO interfaces - the 404 hd and a steinberg UR22. The main outs go to a small mixer and go to my monitors.

    I have NOT tried asio4all. I hear this may be a good option... but cannot comment.

  • Never used it as VST. I played around and it seems it only works with having all devices using the Behringer Drivers but only in a certain combinatin of Audi Setting (reduce Parameters to a lower Audio Quality) Maybe it is due to CPU Limitation or any Performance issue.