My Bias FX doesn't memorize presets on startup.

  • Every time I open a saved project (I use Ableton), Bias FX vst opens up with the default factory preset and I always have to manually re-select through the banks the preset I was using.
    This never happens with other softwares like Pod Farm or Guitar Rig. When I use Pod Farm I find everything like I left when I closed the project.
    I thought it was a normal Bias FX flaw until a friend of mine told me that his Bias FX vst starts up directly with the correct preset.
    Same problem happens with the desktop version. My Bias FX doesn't "remember" the last preset I used but loads the default everytime.
    Any idea?

  • Moderator

    @gianluca-murru I can't reproduce this issue with Ableton on my Mac, please send us a ticket via, thank you!