BIAS FX/UX2/Reason

  • Ok, so this is just me double checking myself...

    I recently bought Reason Adapted 10 to upgrade my older version. I used a Reason 10 demo whereby I was able to use BIAS FX plugin through my Line 6 UX2 no forward a couple months to this week. Reason Adapted goes on sale so I buy it thinking everything will work fine. Long story short after playing around the last couple days and contacting Positive Grid support here is where I am...Reason is 64bit and will only work with BIAS FX 64bit otherwise I cannot use it as a plugin. HOWEVER, BIAS FX 64bit will not work with my Line UX2 it tells me driver could not be found then crashes and closes. It will only work with BIAS FX 32bit which does not work with Reason. All drivers have been updated. Positive Grid support recommended I try a different interface problem is I only have this one I've never had a problem like this before. So is there any way to fix this and/or what interface would anyone recommend and why? Thanks!

  • A2

    Check the 64 bit version in another daw, this doesn’t sound right at all