Overlap between iOS PG apps?

  • I’m considering buying a guitar amp/fx app, I’ve tried a few, I like Positive Grid JamUp but I’m unsure about all the options:

    There’s the All Access which I thought had all the amps models
    but then there’s the All Amps expansion and the All Fx expansions.
    And to make things even more confusing there’s the JamUp Pro.

    My question to Positive Grid:

    • Is there an overlap between all these options?
      Does the JamPro contain some of the pedals of the Fx/Amps expansion packs?! Is there a comparison table somewhere that I missed?
    • Is there an option that contains everything?

    The reason I avoided buying IK Multimedia app years ago is because of the messy app / expansion purchase options at the time...

    PS. this has been MY experience pre-purchasing the app, I’m sure others won’t necessarily have these issues. But I personally think things could be a bit clearer.


  • @mellowsongs said in Overlap between iOS PG apps?:


    Pretty simple

    Buy Bias Amp 2 and Bias FX

    Buy Celestion pack (either one is fine)

    I did that. Easy and no regrets

  • For JamUp, you can easily buy the All Access if you want all amps and all FX. I did that and it's a really sufficient app for me.
    The other twos are only specific parts of the whole "All Access".
    And you can also buy one effect or one amp at a time if you don't need the whole stuff.

    The Pro version unlocks parts of the app (the recorder as long as I remember) and maybe an effect or two, but not sure.

    JamUp Pro ( on the app store) + All Access pack (in-app purchase) will make it a full and largely sufficient guitar app.
    You can even add Bias amp on top of that to get amps you deeply customize. Or use Bias amp to replace the amp pack and buy only the effects pack. Your choice.

  • Alderres suggestion is a really good one if you're on iPad.

  • @mellowsongs Are you using an ipad or iphone?
    If you are using ipad, go with the BIAS Amp 2 & BIAS FX (The BIAS Amp 1 isn't available anymore in appstore, but don't worry because BIAS Amp 2 is totally backward compatible with previous version's patches).
    If you use iphone, unfortunately it doesn't support BIAS FX.

    Only way you would need the jamup pro is if you need to record, jam to backing tracks.
    BIAS FX is better for playing because it has dual signal, more list of fx, DSP is like limitless.

    Oh and i do understand that you used to use the ik multimedia stuff.
    Don't worry, PG is way better than ik multimedia in every aspect.