Does anybody gig with BIAS FX on iPad?

  • I want to explore the idea of taking BIAS FX on iPad and some audio interface I can route to a personal monitor and PA to most of my "gigs". I do not play professionally but occasionally do unpaid jazz(y) shows with group of friends and I go to jazz jam. Hauling tube amp around gets less and less attractive the older you get.
    Does anybody gig with BIAS FX on iPad ?
    Could you kindly describe your setup - and any issues you might have experienced - and solved?

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  • @pipelineaudio said in Does anybody gig with BIAS FX on iPad?:

    Thanks pipeline - nice and resorceful approach. So you go - guitar to G30 (wirelessly) then to Sonoma audio interface to iPad. And from Sonoma you go (via TSR cable) to monitor (Alto TS210) and DI box to go to PA. Do you need DI box? Can't you use output on Alto to route to PA? - sorry for naive question.

    PS. I am actually on the cusp here - I may sell some gears and just get BIAS Mini Guitar head - I understand it comes with BIAS AMP2 - does that include compressor or reverb? Btw - I have to say that Positive Grid needs to put their website through some user friendliness testing. I know that they think that what they write is obvious - but it is not - the structure of their product line needs to be spelled out in much greater details - the way it is described is confusing.

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    I put the DI on there so that if I change volumes anywhere, it won't change the volume going to the PA, but yeah, you can just use the MIX out on the alto

    I dont think the Bias Amp hardware comes with any fx....And yeah, I hope they do more to put out easy to find info on their website. A lot of basic stuff can be very hard to find. I've been trying to let them know, so please, tell them that

  • @pipelineaudio
    Thanks for the info. On interface I am seriously pondering U44 - I think that ability to run 4 mics would be great - really opening new possibilities. Especially for acoustic jams. It is USB 2.0 but from what I read on web 3.0 does not buy you a lot more than 2.0 when it comes to roundtrip latency.

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    USB 3 vs 2 should get you more channels, not necessarily better latency

  • Very workable. I play occasionally at my church, and for years used Line 6, but just recently changed over to using an iPad and BIAS FX.

    Here's a post from a couple of months ago describing what I'm using -

    Additionally, I've just started using an iRig Stomp I/O, it's not ready for prime time yet though, I'm working an issue with the Support Team, but hopefully soon all will be good.

  • @redroc-k what's the issue with the stomp i/o? Please share as I am about to order one... should i wait?

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    My biggest issue with the Stomp I/O is that it doesnt have ASIO drivers, but for the iPad only it should be fantastic, I'd love to know what you found wrong with it as well

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    You know I think you could make the UBER stomp I/O for around the same price. I want ten footswitches- for instance 4 patch, four stomps and two for banks. So I think:

    Behringer FCB1010, usually around 100 bucks
    A few power jacks from Bitches Love My Switches for pass thru power 5 bucks
    Uno chip from amazon 10 bucks
    StudioJack Mini or Zoom U24 100 bucks

    Finding a way to mount it nicely....I dont know, thats the hard part for me

    But this way you get ASIO for when you want to use it on PC, WAY more switches, and some crazier options if you want the pedalboard itself to be wireless and battery powered for another about 60 bucks

    Just like on the live pedalboard project, its the mounting of the damn tablet that has me stuck, so any ideas I would love them!

  • @pipelineaudio said

    I dont think the Bias Amp hardware comes with any fx

    All hardware comes with the basic reverbs which are implemented since the software build 1.6, if I remember it right. A basic per patch compressor and/or boost would be another nice to have feature :)

  • @alderre and @pipelineaudio , the Stomp I/O that I have occasionally will stop making sounds, and the "gain" and "volume" meters drop to zero. It will happen whether using BIAS FX or Amplitube. The Support Team has been very responsive and helpful, they think it may be a bad power supply, and they've sent a replacement that I'm just waiting to arrive.

    I'm hoping they are right.

  • @pipelineaudio are you using reaper now or iOS? Bias amp 2 on iPhone now. Debating the iOS option since my computer is older

  • @pipelineaudio if you have an enclosure all you need is an arduino chip, some footswitches and wire. Maybe a breadbord. It would go usb or midi

    I’m making one now. I need to order more footwatiches. But I’m gonna do dedicated stomps for drive, reverb, delay, tap tempo, and rec loop controls.

    Going to have bank up and bank down for a grouping of pc codes. This would be the setup for iOS really. I would FLash something totally different into the chip if I was going to use reaper and the midi cc table

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    Have you been trying LBX Stripper alongside MIDI CC Table? It can do some amazing stuff!!!

  • @pipelineaudio no I haven’t been following along. Checking out the video now

  • @pipelineaudio bro that was amazing. Did you put an update for that on your website?

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    Not really yet, I'm still working it out, I made a few walkthroughs, but, he's already made some of these steps easier, waiting on the latest version of stripper, he's going to fix a few more things.

    We need some fixes in bias fx though to really make the most out of it. Right now too much sending to bias fx or asking for the status of midi states too often from bias fx is making some problems, same one as when using mschnell's auto engage plugin

    This one is a basic one with free plugs, showing how to set it up

    And one specifically for the Sonoma Wireworks GuitarJack Stage

  • Yeah the lex stripper looks to be a free form of gigperformer no?

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    It can perform similar functions, but gig performer can be a lot more versatile more easily. I have an easier time with LBX stripper, but really, I think Gig Mode of ReValver is the best of all worlds, though its lacking some serious needed features as well...enough to be a showstopper for me