X Drummer in Bias FX iPad issues

  • After purchasing X Drummer I noticed the XDrummer in Bias FX still opens as X Drummer “Sampler”. I would assume after purchasing X Drummer that icon in Bias FX would open my X Drummer. I was told I have to shrink down Bias FX and open up X Drummer. No problem BUT when I click on the Bias FX icon in X Drummer it is a one way ticket. You can not go back to X Drummer from Bias FX. You must shrink down and open X Drummer. It seems they didn’t finish programming and was told it is not on their priority list. I must go on forum to have others complain. Seems lame BUT here I am. Please help me and others by complaining about this issue. I have a lot of Positive Grid’s products PC and iPad and I feel they dropped the ball. Thank you for your time.

  • Same issue here.

  • Yeah Ditto, i thought this would have been fixed cos it's bloody annoying!

  • No se que a pasado con estas personas de positive grip ya que están bajando toda su calidad en muchos aspectos ya al punto que no sirven las aplicaciones

  • It sucks just to see an advertisement after buying xdrummer....
    Just call XDrummer instead!

  • I have been frustrated with this as well. This should have been fixed before even adding the button. I enjoy using x drummer but it is a pain to have to go out of Bias effects to open the x drummer app it takes away from the inspired moment when I want to create something.

  • Same deal here. Very frustrating. The button to Bias Amp works. This should function the same way.