Bias Amp / Compressor / Tonecloud crash and lock up

  • I have a PC running protools 11 and Win 10. Everytime I attempt to login into ToneCloud, it crashes the machine, completely locking it up and I have to do a hard restart.

    I was running the demo versions of both Bias Amp and their compressor plugins just fine without any issues. I purchased both and was trying to authorize them from within protools when this happened.

    I can run the stand-alone Bias Amp desktop just fine, and can login into tonecloud, but just cant do it from inside of protools. I have a screaming machine, so performance isn't an issue. Was wondering if anyone ran across this issue and what can be done to fix it.

    I tried deleting and renaming the licensing folder and uninstalling / re-installing software to try and get the plugin out of protools, but it seems to hang on to it, and crashes immediately when I launch Bias Amp on a session channel. . The compressor defaults to demo mode and crashes locks up when trying to log into it. Both plugins pretty much do the same thing in terms of crashing due to logging into Tone Cloud, but the Amp plugin seems to be already registered so it crashes automatically on launch.

    Anybody run into this issue?


  • I had the same issue in Cubase under Win 10. Please contact the support. They can send you a analytics-tool which generates log-files which should be helpful to narrow the cause of the issue and find a workaround.

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    @michael-bacon Just finished some tests and I can reproduce it on WIN10/PT12. Which BIAS Amp version are you using?

  • Hey Felix,

    I'm running Bias Amp Pro, latest version ( I'm at work, so I cant look to provide the ver number, but it was the latest version of the software.) 64bit.

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    @michael-bacon okay, I will report it to our RD team.