BIAS restoring default amps and future amp-additions

  • Hi. As I had overwritten some default amps of BIAS Amp Pro accidently ("save" instead of "save as..." , I wonder how to restore amps which had been delivered as defaults. Are they in the Tonecloud and marked as factory defaults somehow?

    And how will future amp-additions be spread out into the banks?
    PG could you please make it possible to add a additional bank with all default amps and tell me about the way you will integrate future add-ons?

  • Yes, I accidentally overwrote one of the defaults too. I wish they would make them protected so that any modified amps would have to be renamed (i.e. only Save As... on PG amps). It’d be nice if there was some indication an amp was one of the default set too, like a tag.

    To restore I ended up reinstalling, IIRC.

  • Ah yes I second that, default presets should be protected in some way. Sending this request to R&D, thanks for the feedback!

  • @joe-kuo why not mark them as a default and just put them onto the Tonecloud, so anyone can decide on his own needs?

  • Up it goes