Unable to export Bias amps into either Bias FX or Jamup

  • Hi guys. Wasn't sure where to post this, So I apologize if this is the wrong place to report a possible bug. Anyway, I've just discovered this issue after updating with the latest hotfix which was rolled out to deal with the cabinet issue in globals on BiasFX. In a nutshell, I am unable to export any of my custom Bias Amps into either Bias FX or Jamup. However, I can export amps from both apps into Bias Amp. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? Is there a workaround? And is this the best place to make PG aware of these kinds of issues? Thank you!

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    @guitartherapy Hi , I can't reproduce the issue here with the latest Amp 2/FX, have you tried to click the little amp icon on the right side to the preset menu on the upper bar ?

  • @mike Emailed you this morning on this, but just in case anyone else has this issue and needs a work-around, I'll reply here as well: The workaround is that in order to export any amps from BiasAmp2, I have to first export an amp from Bias FX into Bias Amp 2. Once that's done, I have to go in and rebuild the newly imported amp in Bias Amp 2 to the specifications I want. Once this is complete, I can then export the amp back out to Bias FX. I also found that once I exported an amp from Bias FX into Bias Amp 2, I was able to share it in the cloud. Basically after the update/upgrade to Bias Amp 2, any amps I had built previous in Bias Amp 1 are trapped inside that app. I'm happy to have found a work-around though, for now. Just not enthused about rebuilding those amps. UPDATE: one other thing I just found out. I reasoned that if rebuilding a newly imported amp from Bias FX, saving it, and exporting works with that amp, then maybe just resaving any amps I built in Bias Amp 1 might allow me to export those as well. But upon saving the original Bias Amp 1 amp, the app crashes. I'm sharing this info in hopes that it may give you guys some clues into what's causing this. Thanks again for all your help Mike.

  • I get the same issue exporting from BIAS 2 into JamUp Pro.
    JamUp reports that the amp preset from BIAS is not supported in this version of JamUp and an upgrade is required. I believe I am on the current versions JamUp
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    @guitartherapy thank you for the info! We'll definitely look into this

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    @ge-cornwall We'll release an update for Jamup next week to make it support BIAS Amp 2, thanks!

  • @mike Great news. Thanks for the rapid response.

  • Mike,
    Downloaded the update to JamUp today and happy to report that the issue above is fixed. Import from BIAS 2 is working fine.

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    @ge-cornwall Awesome! thank you!