Where credit is due

  • What a pleasant surprise. After upgrading to Bias 2 (Haven’t even scratched the surface yet) I can’t help but be amazed by the product you guys have built.

    PG has my admiration, from the guys who post here to the ones that show their face in public, you guys rock.


  • I agree. Thank you

  • Edit: update seems to fix all problems as of may 7.


  • A2

    At least its just software

    I'm going through hell right now dealing with some absolutely BONEHEAD moves Line 6 made across a wide variety of hardware products

    PG can, and most likely will, fix the software, with no more inconvenience to anyone but a string of ones and zeros. Who knows if these hardware issues can be solved at Line 6

  • Everybody messes up sometimes. That's why you need to be able to roll back to the previous version if you depend on the software. I don't know, is that even possible on iOS? That said, I personally always feel I just have to make new presets and such when software becomes better, whether it's photography or amp simulations.

  • @pipelineaudio What issues are you experiencing with the Line 6 hardware? I have the Helix Native software, which I love, but haven't dug into the hardware at all.

  • A2

    The Helix hardware and software is actually pretty good. The software could use much better MIDI implementation, but its certainly not a show stopped.

    The issues I'm having are with the other devices being incompatible with the markets they are making marketing claims to. For instance, and especially, live use, where the guitar amp needs the no cabinet signal, while the PA system needs the cabinet on signal

  • Well well I have installed both Bias amp and FX updates and it is Exceptionally good. And to think that I was thinking of leaving. Good job you guys.

    It’s so good I stayed home from work to play all day

    Thank you

  • So I used to play with Bias fx mostly. But bias 2has me enthralled. Just had to share my excitement.