Tonecloud Presets

  • I cant download certain presets from tonecloud. although i have a standard version registered, i get errormessage standard or professional required.

  • There's two versions of bias amp/ bias fx, standard and professional. Your error message is telling you that the preset you are trying to download includes features only available in the professional version, and so as you are on standard you can't download it

  • but it tells me STANDARD or professional. so that is misleading
    e.g. i want the friedman be100 does that require professional

  • @p-megele as far as I'm aware that is just a general message. If you are on demo then you require Standard or Professional is correct, however if you have standard then of course only the Professional part of that message is relevant.

    It could be worded better for the requirements of different users, however if the message comes up at all and you are on standard, then it is a patch that requires professional