Tone cloud

  • Hi all, A little help please.

    I've just purchased Bias Amp but, having a couple of issues with tone cloud. I want to try some presets from the cloud but whenever I select preview " I don't hear a thing" and if i select download it tells me "This feature request the standard or professional version to unlock" and go to online store.

    Any ideas why I don't hear anything r why I can't download please.

    PS. I have the standard version, just a few day old....

  • Moderator

    @rachelhollis Hi,
    Some tones(made with Amp Match module) on the Tonecloud require upgrading to BIAS AMP Professional. If you already have BIAS Amp Standard, the alert prompt just means the tones that aren't downloading require BIAS AMP Professional.

    We are aware that the error message is misleading because it shows that you need the Standard version, even though you already have it. We plan to change that error message.

    We actually have a new filter on Tonecloud now (you can only see the presets available for BIAS Amp 2 STD as an Amp 2 STD user), but if you click on the "Featured" page, there is a great possibility that you will see the error message there.