Bias Amp to FX and Impulse Responses

  • If I have a Bias Amp custom preset with one of my Impulse Responses and load that into Bias FX (in my DAW), does it strip the IR and just substitute with a default cab? It sure sounds like something is drastically different in FX. Sorry if I'm being dense. Thanks!

  • I have the same question. What about tonecloud presets into Bias FX mobile? DOes the IR get dumped or somehow it transfers...

  • Nowadays, I use presets built on Bias FX Pro (mac) using custom amps with IR, on my iPad (Bias Fx) and it works fine. Every preset built on bias amp with IR will work in another PG app with it's IR.

  • A2

    On tonecloud, I have piles of the same exact amp saved with different impulses and they all seem to translate fine between bias amp, bias fx, standalone, vst and iOS

  • Ok, I need to do some more testing. I could have done something wrong so I'm encouraged by the feedback. Thanks!

  • @john-daniel No. It should show the IR loader in BFX too. Can you find it? Mid-way, left side, the two buttons marked "head" & "cabinet". Hit "cabinet". Make sure the h/lo pass filters are set the same. Keep at it and let us know(!)

    Let us all know what else is going on..(?)

  • @alderre Do you have an iPad, or iPhone. I believe BA for iPhone lacks some features like Ampmatch - the phone just isn't powerful enough. I'm not sure about the IR loader. So, let's just say you have a tablet. Which should have an IR loader when you grip IR'd amps from the TC. You can also import amps from the TC that aren't in BFX and they'll play(!) I'll explain later. I'm fading fast. Think of any other questions and/or anything I need to know before I proceed, lol.
    Thanks, all!

  • Impulse response Bias Amps work on mobile. Amp matches do not. IIRC.

  • @mark-meyers I'm having issues with Bias 1 Professional even loading IRs right now. Support has submitted it to development. Does FX Standard allow IR loading like you mention, or only Professional? I have FX standard.