Looking for recommendations for interface from guitar to Ipad.

  • All the info and products Ive seen online are older. I see alot of complaints for Irig and noise. My goal is to use Bias fx for Ipad and use headphones or run out to my amp on clean channel or fx loop in instead of buying a new amp. Thanks for the input.

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  • I use iRig HD2 and am more than happy with it.

  • Another vote for iRig HD

  • im using the l6 sonic VX

  • Thank you for the replies. Has anyone here used Apogee Jam 96? Up to 96 kHz/24-bit HD recording vs 48khz irih hd2 or does it not matter with guitar. Thanks

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    Sample rate questions will invoke religious wars, be careful. Does apogee actually make a lightning interface with actual outputs now? I tried to cover all their models in that article

  • @pipelineaudio +1. I would avoid the Apogee. It is designed for a couple of generations back... it does not even support modern iPhones that do not have a headphone jack because in typical Apogee fashion the thing has nearly no I/O. I typically use a Line 6 Sonic Port or a USB based interface like the Focusrite Scarlett with my iOS devices.

  • iRig HD2 goes to 96kHz according to specs.

  • iRig HD 2 works marvels. Plus it has an extra amp out (for example using bias FX pedals, preamps etc with a real amp or cab) and a an extra 3.5 jack for headphone or speacker use. And it is 96 kHz/24-bit.

  • I have both iRig HD 2 and a Focusrite iTrack Dock. Both are great, but the Focusrite iTrack Dock gives way more options, both in a live and home setting. No issue with noise on either.

  • @beth-leadbeter , I used an Apogee Jam with my old iPad2. It was a great interface, but when I swapped to my new 5th gen iPad it’s got the lightning connector, not the 30-pin, and Apogee wanted nearly £40 for a new cable. The iRig HD2 was only £60 so I went for that.

  • @stuart-hamill Just ordered a Focusrite iTrack Dock. My plan is to plant this on top of this asc-12 (excuse the crude Photoshop)

    alt text

  • Cheap but decent interface, and maybe many already have it. (35€)

    Rocksmith cable -> camera connection kit (china) -> ipad

  • @beth-leadbeter I use an Apogee Jam and I can’t complain at all.

  • I use iRig Pro Duo. It works perfect. iRig HD and iRig Pro should be very good, too. The complaints that you maybe have read are surely about the analog iRig. The HD, Pro and Pro Duo are digital. The analog one is ok for practice without many demands about quality (I practiced and studied with one for a couple of years), but there are feedback issues sometimes and for recording is awful: the sound that you play bleeds again to the input and the sound quality isn’t good. With the digital ones it is another world. I would never record at 96 kHz, though, just 44. It has no sense for me. More important is to have 24 bits if you plan to mix and to process later.

    Until I understand, the quality of Apogee is still better, but I haven’t tried one.

  • For compact & mobile I use L6 Sonic Port - great to have line output. But HD2 seems like a better option with standard micro-usb port - I'm afraid that proprietary L6 cable can break.

    Recently I decided to use bias for live and replace my pedalboard and amps. So I was looking for a floor interface with buttons and I checked every option. I ended with MeloAudio TS Mega - fairly compact (for pedalboard), 8 buttons, MIDI, also can work as separate MIDI controller with builtin presets for AxeFx, Kemper. It's really cool for a fair price. The minor downside is there were no lightning adapter in package - so I had to buy camera connection kit usb-lightning.

  • I have an iRig HD2 that works really well and recently bought a iRig Stomp IO. The audio on both is good enough for me. I've been struggling to get the midi to work consistently with the iPad version of Bias FX so have been spending more time with my Mac.

    The midi integration is seamless with both Mac and iPad versions of Amplitube. However, the midi integration has a lot to be desired with both the Mac and iPad versions of Bias Fx but stability certainly seems better with the Mac version. This is using the Bias FX 1. I'm waiting to see what happens with the midi implementation on version 2.

  • @beth-leadbeter i use it and also the Duet wich is the best for me...both works very well!!

  • Been using the MeloAudio TS Mega of late.