BIAS AMP 2 CPU hog (overloads VST engine) i7-7700k oc'd to 5ghz

  • I run Cubase 9 with BIAS FX and BIAS AMP 2. I like to use AMP 2 within FX so I can use the FX with the nicer sounding amp models.

    Turns out the BIAS plugs only seem to be optimized for 2 thread operation, so it pegs my first 2 CPU cores, while my other 2 physical cores (and 4 hyperthread threads) don't do squat. Total CPU usage will be less than 30%, but core one and 2 are pegged out and the VST engine is overloaded due to the plugin.

    I'm using an RME UFX II. super stable drivers. I7-7700k, one of the fastest single thread CPU's out there even still (just barely slower then the 8700k). I also have it overclocked to 5.0ghz (stock is 4.2).

    If i run one dual tone which means 2 total instances of bias amp 2 within Bias FX, at a 128 buffer, VST engine goes to 80+ percent. It's absolutely ridiculous.

    You could have a $2000 CPU (i9-7980xe for istance) and still peg out your VST engine because of this plugin.

    I isolated it to AMP 2. It was fine with any of the included Bias FX amps. When running 2 instances of AMP 2, the same effect occurs.

    I am fairly certain it's the plug in, as I can run other VST's and VSTi's in mass, and they will proportionally increase load across all CPU cores/threads.

    Any plans to optimize this to utilize more threads? Even if you just gave it 2 more, that would make all of our lives a lot easier.

    Note: If there are no plans to optimize this, I will be asking for a refund on AMP 2 and going in a different direction. This is a huge deal breaker for me.


  • I just dropped 4 BIAS AMP2 VSTs into my Gig Performer on a Windows Surface tablet with a non expensive Yamaha interface. Set it to 128 buffer size and I cannot get it to go over 30% of CPU usage for audio.

    Not sure what else is going onion your particular case, but it does not seem like a general BIAS AMP2 performance issue. I have different kind of grief with it (namely NO automation parameters at all!), but as far as the performance goes - seems to be solid.

    Full disclosure: I am involved in Gig Performer development. I would still encourage you to maybe download the free GP trial and see if you having the same kind of issues if you has your VSTs with it.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    My total CPU performance can be at 30%, but 2 out of 8 available threads are pegged while the other 6 aren't doing anything.

    May I ask how many cores/threads your tablet has, and if you notice even utilization across all threads, or if one or 2 are used more heavily?

    Even when running in stand-alone mode (their own application) it only utilizes a single thread. Even worse :P



    Bias just confirmed to me that it is absolutely not optimized for multi-threading. They are recommending it to their dev team. I'm not holding my breath.