Bias having no affect on tone

  • Hello, when i plug my guitar into my interface (scarlet focusrite solo) and its just a dry guitar signal. None of the amps or effect affect the tone at all. What would be the problem here?

    Also as a side note if anyone can help, there is a lot of latency from when i play to when i hear the guitar. I know it'll be to do with configuration but i have no idea what to do for that.


  • A2

    Are you using it in a daw or standalone? Latency depends on how you have your soundcard's control panel set. Your articular interface definitely has acceptably low latency as long as you set it that way

  • @haydn check your direct mix control you are probably monitoring the dry signal

  • @elric : yup I had a variant of this the other night, where I was hearing the stem sound, as well as the amp tone. Plus it was quieter at the samesetting on the interface dial.

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