Bias having no affect on tone

  • Hello, when i plug my guitar into my interface (scarlet focusrite solo) and its just a dry guitar signal. None of the amps or effect affect the tone at all. What would be the problem here?

    Also as a side note if anyone can help, there is a lot of latency from when i play to when i hear the guitar. I know it'll be to do with configuration but i have no idea what to do for that.


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    Are you using it in a daw or standalone? Latency depends on how you have your soundcard's control panel set. Your articular interface definitely has acceptably low latency as long as you set it that way

  • @haydn check your direct mix control you are probably monitoring the dry signal

  • @elric : yup I had a variant of this the other night, where I was hearing the stem sound, as well as the amp tone. Plus it was quieter at the samesetting on the interface dial.

  • @haydn I got the same issue. Scarlett Solo and tried everything but still my guitar sounds like it's not even plugged in to the interface. I can hear it on my headset but sound is clean and dry like when your practicing and the guitar is not plugged into an amp. Only difference is, it's louder since it's connected to my focusrite interface but that's it. Have you found a solution to this? Makes no difference if I'm using Reaper or standalone. Anybody?

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    You sure you don’t have the monitor knob set to direct?

  • Are your monitors connected to the Scarlett or your PC?