Can’T get Bias to work

  • I am pasting what I emailed to Positive Grid. Any suggestions?

    Hello. I bought Bias Amp 1 a couple of years ago. I have never been able to get it to work. Neither the VSTs nor the desktop program works. I have tried it with 4 different DAWs without success. I foolishly thought that maybe Bias 2 would work, but I’m getting nowhere with it either. My main DAW is Reaper. Reaper still shows Bias 1 in the VSTs even though I uninstalled it. I can’t see a way to remove it from Reaper. Reaper can’t seem to find the VSTs for Bias 2 even though I installed everything in the default locations. In the VSTs section of Reaper it just says “Bias” without a number. Every time I click on Bias Reaper crashes. I can’t get any sound out of the Desktop program either. I can select things on the screen and I can see that Bias 2 is getting my guitar signal, but no matter what I select for the output in Bias I can only hear the dry signal from my interface. I get the same results with the Focusrite and Yamaha interfaces. I am really at my wit’s end with Bias. I build my own computers and have worked in tech support for Microsoft, but I can’t get Bias to do anything other than crash Reaper. I have followed all of the steps listed on your website and tried everything that I can find on online forums, but to no avail. I just updated Reaper to the latest version last night, but it didn’t help any. I am very frustrated that there is no human being to talk to at your company for support. If there is any way to speak with someone who could help me figure this out I would be forever grateful.

  • You probably want to contact Bias directly via a support ticket if it is straight up not working and you need detailed personalized setup help:

  • @elric I have contacted them. I was hoping forum members might be able to suggest a solution too.

  • The link I posted is the way to contact them. Fill out the form and just cut and paste what you wrote above into you problem description.

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    It sounds to me like whatever monitoring facilities the audio interface itself has ("hardware monitoring") is in use here and the monitor buttons in REAPER aren't switched on....Sorry only had a second to read the post, but I'm going to go grab the manual for your interface and have a look ASAP

  • A2

    Real quick, in options /prefs/plugins/vst, is the path existing there where your actual bias amp, in my case, BIAS_AMP2_x64.dll, is residing?

    In my case this is C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

    I'm suspecting Bias amp 1 dll is still hiding in one of the paths that REAPER has listed in its plugin paths as well. But you shouldn't need to get rid of it, REAPER will happily run both in the same RPP