Switching time latency - Hardware or Software?

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    Update: good news, I've just realized that is actually possible to map every pedal in the signal chain with a specific midi control change..
    This means that we should be able to use a third part midi controller and map it as we prefer ignoring the limitations of the live view mode..
    So I'll a try with a 10 switch midi footcontroller and I let you know :)

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    Ok to whom it may concern, after my tests unfortunately turns out that the midi CC assignments (in midi settings menu) are global so not related only to the selected patch...we can't setup different CC assignments to different patches...we can just setup one CC assignment list that will work on all over the patches.
    We can though add multiple assignments with the same CC message...it could be a good workaround but it has its own limits...
    Best solution would be adding by the developers a full customizable live view mode or a CC MIDI assignment list related to each patch..

    I'll give you here an example with 3 patches about this:

    For the sake of the example let say that we got a third part midi footcontroller with 3 switches, but of course the goal of this kind of approach is to make us able to use a 5 switch and more midi footcontroller (otherwise the live view mode as it is, it's just fine)

    Switch 1 sends a CC1 message
    Switch 2 sends a CC2 message
    Switch 3 sends a CC3 message

    Patch 1:
    gtr-->808OD-->Sab Drive-->Amp

    In patch 1 I have only 2 pedals to control so I'll assign CC this way:
    CC1 = 808OD
    CC2 = SAB Drive
    CC3 = none

    Patch 2:
    gtr-->Tube Drive->4K Comp-->amp

    in patch 2 as we can see the 808OD and SAB Drive have been repleaced with Tube Drive and 4K Comp.
    In order to control the 2 new pedals in patch 2 I have to add two new midi assignment using the same two CC message used in patch 1:

    Patch 2
    CC1 = Tube Drive
    CC2 = 4K Comp
    CC3 = none

    In this way in the midi assignment list I'll have the same CC assigned to two different pedals:

    CC1 = 808O
    CC1 = Tube Drive
    CC2 = SAB Drive
    CC2 = 4K Comp

    Until we use pedals with same CC message in different patches, we're just fine.
    "Problems" occour when you want to use pedals with the same CC in the same patch indipendently...you just can't!

    To show this let's move on Patch 3
    gtr-->808OD--Tube Drive-->4K Comp-->amp

    In this patch we got a mixture of Pedals present in patch 1 and patch 2...

    808OD = CC1
    Tube Drive = CC1
    4K comp = CC2

    Since we've assigned to 808OD and Tube Drive the same CC, the switch 1 on my midi footcontroller which sends a CC1 message will toggle on/off both 808OD and Tube Drive.
    Switch 2 will toggle on/off the 4K comp only