Reading names

  • I'm having a blast with AMP and FX, I absolutely love it! But there's one thing that is so very annoying and that is trying to read the names in the menu screen top-left, as well as in the menus themselves.

    In the menu screen top-left, I can see that bank name, but from the name of the amp, I only see just the first, or the first few letters, which is not enough to even recognize the full amp name (I already got 3 amp series starting with 'fire'), let alone which model and number in that series it is.
    Also in the menus, I often can see the amp name itself, but the code at the end that classifies which type, which model number and/or specific attribute is added to that specific amp, doesnt show.

    Normally when the full names arent visible, there should be a label that pops up when you mouse over it, but that doesnt happen.

    And no, I do not have the option to change names. In short, I've got autism, which brings along several other annoying little things as OCD-like issues and the fact that my brain only works properly when following my own logic, so names have to make sense to me, to be able to recognize what that stand for. I cant just pick a random name.
    The sound makes the name of the amp and of course the codes at the end are what they are, high gain is high gain and not fresh fries, for example. Number in the series, is the same as the code . I already shortened this as much as possible, like 'HG-IV/hlc' (High Gain-model 4/heavy low cut).
    It's not that I'm unwilling to try to work outside my own logical system and I already tried to keep names within 4 letters, but to me my library looks 'not right' and I had to delete the whole thing and start over...

    So, back to the question: What can I do to make the full names visible?


  • The hover pop-up idea is nice, and seems to be going away in some interfaces - the touch screen epidemic again. Regardless, I recommend keeping track in your DAW.

  • A optional "list-view" would be easy to integrate and very useful

  • Don't go there. I'll want editing from the list, DnD, bulk patch name manipulation.....