Feature Request: Bias Head presets remember Noise Gate settings

  • Hey Positive Grid team,

    I've been using the Bias Head for a few months now, and I really love it.

    One thing that has been somewhat frustrating is that the control knob that is dedicated to the Noise Gate by default is a universal knob, so it's value can't be saved as a preset.

    The reason this would be helpful is that I switch between really high gain and clean signals. When I switch to clean, I would like the Gate to turn down drastically, as I don't need its settings to match the high gain amplifiers.

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible right now, so I am heavily Noise Gating my clean signal, so things like fade outs can be messy and cut off unexpectedly.

    Not sure if this is possible moving forward, but I thought I would request it.

    Dan Bieranowski
    Bias Head user