Setting up BIAS FX to a good Heavy Metal sound, using Compressor and Noise Gate, how is it done?

  • I'm using the standard BIAS FX software and looking for a good Heavy Metal sound. But with the normal sequence of pedals, the sound is or too noisy or it is cut off too early.

  • A2

    Try a noisegate with a Hysteresis control and sidechain capability.

    Set the sidechain to trigger from your clean, and really pick kind of the lowest frequency range as you can for the key, like if you do a lot of palm muting in standard tuning, the next E above low E. Sometimes the gate can take a lot longer to open on the lows, but if you pick a few harmonics up its usually OK. You can set the gate's actual I/O after the amp, for that really chunky cut off sound, while its still cueing off of the sidechain from your clean

  • First and foremost, what kind of pickups are you using? Are the pickups single coil? And is everything grounded properly?

  • What is a 'good metal sound'? Give examples. What amp(s) are you trying with? What are your gain and master settings?

    Gating is pretty easy (though the Rocktron HUSH is simplest, and perhaps my favorite). Try the PG gate (first in the line up - it's my go to). See what the stock settings do for you.

    If not working for you, start from scratch - threshold at 0, and sensitivity and release at 10. Leave switch on 'reduction' for the moment.Turn threshold to 11 o'clock. Does the noise go away? If not, turn sensitivity back until it does. If not gone, add some more threshold. If still not gone, turn threshold back to 11 o'clock, and turn switch to 'mute'. If there's still noise, you probably have pick-up or electrical noise. You can likely still get a decent gating, but it won't be as nice. More threshold and less sensitivity should round it up well enough.

    Now release: turn back until you get the kind of tail you want. Djenty stuff typically turns this back to 1 or 0.