Tone quest request - a ripping, full-bodied, dynamic electric clean tone?

  • I don't know as I've heard this. It is something I have in my mind. Maybe a mixture of modern/prog metal bridge pickup clean (or does the delay make it chimey?), with the single-coilness of 70s/80s Alex Lifeson and the like, underlined by a large jazz guitar. Full, smooth, and rich, that can snap or even smack richly and smoothly.

    I haven't been able to get close to it with anything. I keep trying to culitvate power amp clipping, but it too quickly compresses and distorts, instead of making a thick singing, and snarky if desired, tone. Has anyone heard something like this? Has anyone gotten this with Bias/Bias FX?

  • I was able to get something similar to what I think you are looking for through a Tele with the EMG T-System pickups and an AfterBurner leading into the Dumble in Bias.

    The T-System is EMGs answer to a standard Tele tone (single coil), but with far less noise and a slightly more 'modern' tone.
    The AfterBurner is the 'secret sauce' in this equation. It gives you up to 20db of pickup boost out of the guitar giving you a variable (knob-based) push out of the guitar into the front end of the amp.

    Not sure if that's exactly what you are looking for, but it might get you there some of the way.

  • @danbieranowski : do you have a recording of it?

  • @tannhauser Not readily, but I'll try to do a little demo in the next few days for you.

  • @danbieranowski : did you get a chance to do this?