BIAS Head/Rack with basic effects - Atomic did it too (in a affordable small box)

  • Come on PG, why can't you serve your premium customers this way?
    At this price point you, could add basic modulations, too ;)

    Atomic-Firebox with built in effects including overdrive, delay, reverb, compressor
    "We listened to our customer's requests to make this happen and somehow managed to shoehorn an Echo effect into Ampli-Firebox!!! Click the link below to find the new Windows and Mac editors that contain the v3 firmware with Delay…"

  • I think time needs an entry.....

  • A2

    I'd love to see one that is a hardware VST host with all the pedals and expression pedal thing you see on like the Line 6 stuff. Running BIAS FX and also interfacing capability for USB, iOS, whatever. There are some of these devices out there, but none that really feels good, or really so much designed with the guitarist in mind that I have seen

    That said, it takes BALLS OF STEEL for a manufacturer to do hardware. Then again, Positive Grid have already done some hardware.

  • Would love to see even if just a few effects included for bias amp, after all some basic amps are included on bias fx.

    I really think including a few would put it in a better position in competition with kemper/axe/line 6. It's great right now, and absolutely sounds good, but I think especially with the hardware some have trouble justifying the spend with only amp modelling available