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BIAS Amp/FX Desktop - please allow usage of shortcuts and keys

  • Very often I miss the ability to switch between amps or cabs (mics) using the arrow keys.

    It would be fine, if one could use the left/right arrow-keys in the bank- and front-view to switch amps while it would be fine to select cabs via up/down.

    Best practice would be if one could preview f.e. the cabs, using space-key and select the chosen one using enter.

    It is a pitty to have to use the mouse or trackpad :/

  • A multiple undo function would be nice, too. Because all the values are not numerical, it is nearly impossible to undo some changes, especially on the PEQs.

  • I think the mobile-oriented interface explains the lack of fore/back arrows.

    The lack of an undo function is one reason I detail settings in my patch titles. For example:

    VH4 8-7 12 - gte 01r - cmp 5 0 - od 4555 - G25 414 1

    amp - gain and master settings - eq scheme - PG gate (note the 'r') - wampler compressor with top two knobs represented (as I typically change those if at all) - PG od, all knobs......etc.

    '12' in amp eq scheme is shorthand for my stock settings. The type of change in settings, centered mostly around the mids, dictates whether I add numbers, or detail the setting for each knob (in clock format or according to displayed numbers in the interface) to one decimal place. For example:

    VH4 8-7 121, 125, etc

    VH4 8-7 07 81 74 75

    Likewise in the other components; and the cab, where there is a stock position set, or all axes represented, from 0 to 10.

  • @tannhauser said in BIAS Amp/FX Desktop - please allow usage of shortcuts and keys:

    The lack of an undo function is one reason I detail settings in my patch titles. For example:

    Haha... I still have a life besides PG products ;)

  • A2

    This, like my request seems to be an iCulture thing, not something endemic to the PG stuff

    I'd love to see the full complement of normal functions (undo, fine tune, double click to default [yes I know some of it does this, but not all and not how you'd expect])

  • Along these same lines one thing I really miss in Pg products that competitors have: ability to enter a direct numerical value. Most products I have you either have a text entry area or can double or right click on the knob and enter a specific value, typically for a knob say it would allow values from 0.0 to 10.0. So you could very quickly set something to a very precise value.

  • @elric True, and that makes a multiple undo function even more important.

  • A2

    Direct entry is seen as something negative by so many Luddites its mind blowing...So I made 100% sure that all the ReaPlugs had little direct entry checkboxes next to them :)

    Sorry to see the buggywhip factory close sir, but time marches on!