What other software have you tried, what did you think of it, and why is Bias/Bias FX your favorite?

  • Or is it?

    For me the answer is yes, it feels the realest to me. I'm not sure about sounding or amp-like-ness. I've tried ReValver 3.5 and 4, Studio Devil, TH3 2 and 3, Amplitube, many free amps like those by Ignite, and various impulse responses.....

    Recently I went back to check out ReValver 4, and to first-try Scuffam. Each seemed to have its own amp-like-ness, compared to what I've heard, but had seeming delay with the same latency settings (16ms). Sustain seemed great, but overall tone was less dynamic. Bias FX seems about right on the tips of my fingers. Also, with or without effects, the amps seem closer and bigger sounding. (I would think it's better to make a big sound smaller, than to try to make a small sound bigger, no?) And I get greater volume change to picking with similar gain. Also I think the components interact more with the amp, and the amp with the cab.

  • The one that I invested most in prior to Bias was ReValver 4, but I found the UI to be lacking. I didn't like that you had to right-click on each component to select "upsample" rather than having a 'highest quality' universal setting. I also didn't like the granularity of modification that was allowed (adjusting grid resistor values and such). It was too confusing to make tone-tweaks. I seemed to struggle with fizziness in the high-end and it didn't feel like it sat naturally in a mix all the time.
    I've also used Scuffham, Amplitube, TH2, NI Guitar Rig, etc... While I found things to like in ALL of them, none of them had the consistency of Bias.
    Ultimately, I found myself going back to Bias over and over because it just sounded the best in my mixes. It was easy to use, had high levels of tweakability without getting too confusing, the UI looks great, and the amp quality covers all genres.
    TLDR, Bias always sounded and felt the best.