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  • Hello All,

    Question about monitors...tried a set of JBL LSR308 8" monitors and was very disappointed. Sounded like someone covered them with a blanket. Returned them and have been experimenting with headphones and just some bookshelf speaker configs via my focusrite 2i4. Still think monitors are the way to go although I am not into recording. Just like rocking out messing with different rig set ups. Can anyone recommend some monitors that are not flat and dark sounding? Been looking at some of the Focal monitors but they are kind of pricey. Like that fact they seem tweak-able with the controls on the back. Small untreated room here (13' x 9').

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Want to get the most out of my bias software.


  • These are affordable and just perfectly flat:
    Samson Resolv

    My personal favorite is not a pair of monitors. The Yamaha THR10 or THR5 shines as a standalone amp or a flat monitor. You can use the AUX in or just the FLAT amp setting.

    Yamaha THR

  • Studio monitors aren't for listening. They're for mixing. Find something that has the sound you want to hear.

  • I'd say depends on your budget.

    For the best under $1500, Neumann KH120a, Adam A7a, Focal CMS40/50s, Genelec 8030a

    For the budget minded, I had Alesis M1 520a and really swear by it. You can pick up 1 pair of them dirt cheap 2nd hand.

  • My Neumann's are KH120a s. Lightly used. You can buy mine!

  • @tannhauser

    Thx for replies. Lots of options!